AMC Navigenio - Fully Automated Cooking System !

The AMC Navigenio is a miracle of modern kitchen technology and the crown jewel in the AMC Premium System. The exclusive high-tech hotplate with integral radio module controls the whole cooking process in radio contact with the Audiotherm fully automatically!

A universal genius in every household.

Fully automatic cooking in radio contact with the Audiotherm and fully automatic rapid cooking with the Navigenio and Secuquick: It doesn’t get any faster or more convenient.

The most energy-saving oven in the world. 
From toast to hold chickens, from pizzas to cakes: upside-down on top of the unit, baking, browning and crispy frying.

The mobile hotplate for kitchen and leisure.
For fondues, raclettes, hot drinks, as a table grill and hotplates are keeping things warm. An enrichment for any party and celebration!

AMC Premium System Sets and Navigenio

AMC Luxury Set

AMC Home Starter Set

AMC Home Essential Set

AMC Navigenio

AMC Cooking Demonstration - LIVE Video (presented by Mr. Lim Siung Pet)

AMC Cooking Demonstration - Part 1

AMC Cooking Demonstration - Part 2

AMC Cooking Demonstration - Part 3

AMC Northern Region Roadshow - November 2011

Advertisement published in Kwong Wah Yit Poh and Guang Ming Daily
on 14 November 2011