Once In A Lifetime, AMC Italian Cuisine Demonstration

Don't miss this opportunity ! We shall see you on 11.6.2016 !
意大利私房菜交流会!11.6.2016 我们约定您 !

AMC 2016 Conference Set ! Extreme deal and a limited time period only !

AMC 2016 Conference Set
For a limited time period only !
Contact your nearest consultant or manager for further details.

AMC 2016 大会忧秀配套
有限时间 ! 请联络您靠近的顾问或经理询问详情。

2016 AMC Conference & Awards Gala

Special moment of the year to all consultants, managers and directors. 
Some pictures from the memorable annual event.


AMC Ambassador Club

Be part of the prestigious AMC Ambassador Club today.
We will see you in Vienna (2016) and Venice (2017). 
Consultants, please contact your manager or director for further details.